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AW stands for "Awesome WebStuff" - and that's what this tribe is primarily is about!

See something great on the web? - Post it!
See something here you love, or hate? - Rate it!

As for the "Dag" - "Dating Advice Given"... if you have a dating/relationship problem and you wanna chat about it, chime in - and be prepared for advice. No pointless whining or venting allowed. If you ask for advice, you gotta be open to take it. MWA HA HA!

So look here for awesome websites, killer links, great clips, amazing pictures, and superior surfing!

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Mars Phoenix Lander - The Phoenix has landed!  topic
"I'm Fucking Matt Damon"  topic
"Yes We Can" Obama and McCain versions....  topic
Taken from blogs  topic
the secret lives of cats  topic
Kurt Vonnegut - RIP....  topic
Alphabet in raw beef  topic
"Human Computer Interaction in Science Fiction ...  topic
Meat Font - Fresh Daily... well, not really....  photo flag
More from  photo flag
Kitler  photo flag
Cat's That Look Like Hitler website  topic
High Tech Scanning Technology Concludes.... men...  topic
You know you want one. (But not really...)  topic
Study Uncovers Memory Aid: A Scent During Sleep  topic
Cool Animation Links -  topic
The Institute for Figuring  topic
Graffiti Research Lab's laser-tag project  topic
The Picture of Everything  topic
Prehistoric lovers found locked in eternal embrace  topic
Prehistoric "Romeo & Juliet"  photo flag
Light up Bra..... (you know you want one...)  topic
I Couldn't Resist (Being A Musician And All...)  topic
The Last Word Tribe  review
Dresslab  topic

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